December 5, 2006

Food is the New Smoking

Filed under: Politics — marcstober @ 6:11 pm

The Boston Globe’s Maura Welch said it: “Food is the new smoking.” Cheryl and I were half-joking the other day that we should start smoking. I could easily avoid the random donut or after-dinner munching on pretzels by replacing them with cigarettes. It would be good for my career, too: the COO of my company smokes and it would be good networking to shiver together outside the front door.

  • Sorry for the late comment, but I can’t resist. My boss’s boss smokes, and most of my colleagues can not stand to be around him when he smokes. I smoked for about a year in college, my best friends in college and afterwards all smoked heavily (until they had kids and all quit) so it doesn’t really bother me much. So I get excellent face time and a ton of work done with him by hanging out with him while he gets his fix. Nothing beats getting all the office politics and gossip straight from the top.