January 18, 2007

Design, and the lack thereof

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A post on Coding Horror, “There Are No Design Leaders in the PC World,” got me thinking.

The most aesthetically pleasing piece of computer technology I know is Craigslist. Form follows function. The basics of computer display are melded into something much more elegant than glossy graphics.

If only Microsoft had such restraint. I just discovered that the replacement for the NT “kill” command is “taskkill” in XP. It is so much less satisfying to “taskkill” a process than to “kill” it. 🙂 And the double “k” – ugh.

On the other hand, most building aren’t works of great architecture; and most cars, product packages, advertisements, consumer products, etc. are designed to sell, not to go into a museum. So it’s a broader social phenomenon.

One thing I’d wonder if if this plays out an different in Europe than North America.

Anyhow, back to the regular business of being a misunderstood artiste/developer…:)

  • Have you seen this redesign of Craigslist?


    It’s actually pretty good.. but content always trumps design. If your content is powerful enough, you can force your users to jump through hoops to get to it. But that’s a big *if*. Most of us aren’t that lucky..


  • marcstober

    Wow, famous software development blogger Jeff Atwood wrote a comment on my blog and it almost got lost to the Akismet spam filter. How embarrassing! 🙂

    Continuing the cheese theme in your second link – that redesign of Craiglist is like saying all cheese should taste like Kraft American Singles.