October 8, 2008

Why I live where I do

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Check out this photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rcolonna/2916223664/

How many neighborhoods are there where you can raise you kid near rapid transit (and therefore a connection to the cultural goods of the city), and still have it be the sort of place where they can play along the sidewalk?

  • Hi Marc, just left a comment for you back at the Peapod post. And re: your post, I *totally* agree with you… one of my favorite things about parenting in Boston is having access to city treasures *and* space to play!

  • CS

    Evanston, Illinois. 😉

  • Andrew Mead

    Just came to this blog from Andrew Sullivan’s link (loved the memo); I grew up in Waban (1952 – 1970 or so) and I’ve been taking a wonderful trip through my childhood haunts with your posting. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Is there still a Brigham’s Ice cream parlor in Newton Highlands?

  • marcstober

    @Andrew: No Brigham’s. I wish. There aren’t many Brigham’s at all any more. You might enjoy this: http://thegardencity.net/?q=node/244 (keep in mind some places have already changed in the 2+ years that thread’s been going).