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Updated October 9, 2017 9:51 pm

THIS ADD-ON IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FIREFOX 56 OR LATER. Due to changes in Firefox, unfortunately I’d need to do a completely rewrite of the Toolbar and it wouldn’t even be able to work the way it did before, and I’ve changed my focus professionally so no longer have time to work on this. THANK YOU for your support and use of this tool over the years, I’m sorry to say goodbye! For more details see:

This is the homepage for the More Bookmarks Toolbar.

Add a second bookmarks toolbar to Firefox, with a separate set of bookmarks.

For example, use it at work for a separate set of bookmarks that only work on the corporate intranet. You can still use the regular bookmarks toolbar for personal sites, and hide and show either or both. (And with Firefox Sync, keep them consistent across my home and work computers.)

Download from

The source code is on Github.

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  • Token

    Why is my first comment not visible here, and why is the text on the left “0 comment”? – OK, now 1 🙂

    A second question – How can I hide one of the two bookmark toolbars?

  • Hi Token, thanks for trying the add-on. I don’t see your first comment either, I’m sorry…maybe a Disqus issue? Can you try again?

    Anyhow, you can right-click on the toolbars in Firefox to show or hide them. This is a built-in feature of Firefox that should work on any toolbar, including the standard built-in ones and the More Bookmarks Toolbar.

  • Murz

    Thanks, this addon is good idea, but I can’t understand how to use it. After installing on Firefox 25, I see that new toolbar showed with one button, but I can’t add new buttons into it. I try to drag link on it, find items with right button menu, or click on left icon, but find nothing 🙁
    Can you post some instruction how to use your extension?
    I want to use it for add static bookmarks for corporate intranet, that users cannot change or remove. Maybe I can create some readonly file with bookmarks database?

  • Unfortunately this toolbar doesn’t support drag and drop yet, it’s something I want to add. You need to go into Firefox’s Show All Bookmarks dialog from the Bookmarks menu, and add bookmarks to the folder “More Bookmarks Toolbar” there. Using this for intranet links is what I made this for. This add-on doesn’t have any specific features to prevent users from changing bookmarks, but since they’re just stored as a folder in the Firefox Bookmarks system, if you find a solution to making Firefox Bookmarks read-only in general it should work for this, too. (Or maybe rewrite them on log-in or something?)

  • Murz

    Thanks for the info, way with “Show All Bookmarks” works well. Will be good to add this instruction to addon description.

    Alos maybe you know some script or command line way to quickly import (or rewrite) bookmarks from file?

  • pen

    hi: i dont have the folder you mention above “More Bookmarks Toolbar” under Show All bookmarks. I have restarted. I have the toolbar.

    on latest fx, mavericks osx latest.

    cancel that. its there UNDER Bookmarks menu.

    geez.. i never go there. that is a mess.

    will you be adding drag and drop anytime soon?
    as it looks exactly what i have been looking for.


  • pen

    hi: it is not showing folders. Is this correct it can only handle a link, nothing else?

  • At the moment it can only handle a link. I am working on a new version that can handle folders.

  • Yes, I am working on a new version that has drag and drop, icons, folders and is generally more like the built in toolbar. It’s mostly done but needs a little more work before it’s ready.

  • Mix

    This is a great toolbar i discovered after the Yahoo toolbar I was using went completely useless. Please don’t make the same mistake, and make sure you are improving it towards something better and not worse.

    A few suggestions from my point of view would be to have a “drag and drop” option, the possibility of the bookmarks to have their own image on the left (instead of an empty box), the possibility to rearrange the bookmarks by dragging them, the “separator” instead of being an empty box to be a vertical line, and last but not least the ” More Bookmarks Toolbar” could become something smaller? More like an icon, so that to reduce its size.

    Other than those tiny details, it is a great toolbar I am definitely suggesting to others.

  • jagman

    I too had to delete my Yahoo after they deleted my 30 daily bookmarks I need thoughout the day for My bank, My Doctors, My emails, My monitor of solar panels, etc.
    Bookmarks we use throughout the day get lost in the reg toolbar and it is why I need one customizable, FIXED, for daily use. After DRAG and DROP and someway to FIX its location to see it when necessary, this will should replace anyone’s need for Yahoo or the old Google.

    I found the MORE BOOKMARKS folder at the BOTTOM of my bookmarks which is a mess and tried to Drag it closer to the top and it the process, it got lost maybe as a sub-folder, search wouldn’t find it. Any recommenatioin how to find the folder now?
    Any way to keep it close to the top when adding reg other bookmarks shoving it to the bottom again?

  • RocketMan999

    This toolbar made my use of recording internet radio so much simpler. When I am away from home, I use a program that repeats pre-recorded mouse and keyboard inputs (in order to record streaming radio), but when I would accidentally add, remove of resize the name of a bookmark in my toolbar, the mouse pointer would still click on the same spot, no matter what was there. Nothing good came from that.
    With this second toolbar, my different radio station bookmarks are all in a row and never move!
    Also, I just now had to restor Firefox to its defaul setting. When I re-installed this extension, every bookmark was still in its place!
    Thank you sir!

  • You’re welcome!

  • I’d like to add the Drag and Drop option too (more like the built in toolbar) – as it’s an unpaid project I haven’t been able to get to it yet.

  • You might have an easier time finding and dragging the folder in the Show All Bookmarks window. Making the folder stay in place would be a good idea for a future version.

  • Batya

    I just uploaded the (test version) of More Bookmarks. So far it 1) placed new bookmarks bar below original, 2) allowed drag & drop from url bar, 3) uses favicons, 4) allows me to change what is displayed via properties — I like to see favicon alone –, and 5) create new folder. PERFECT so far!

  • mick lovell

    must agree with “Batya”s comment.
    its working perfectly for me THANK YOU
    one thing….i can think of reasons i might need a 3rd of 4th bookmark bar – is this something you are considering for the future?

  • Glad you enjoy it!

  • I don’t have any immediate plans to work on this, but it is a good idea.

  • Julia Cooper

    I’ve been using More Bookmarks Toolbar for a while now without problems, but since the latest update (36.0.1) I can no longer drag and drop links to it, whether from the url bar, tab bar or anywhere else. Is there anything you can do to fix this?

  • Hi Julia,

    Thanks for using the More Bookmarks Toolbar and letting me know about the issue. I’ve just tried it on 36.0.1 on both Windows and Mac and it’s working here, so unfortunately I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe try to refresh Firefox following the instructions here: and then re-install your the Toolbar and your other add-ons?

  • valentin68

    How do I add bookmarks to this folder created by “More bookmarks toolbar”? (not by drag and drom from another folders, please)

  • Sheryl

    It may depend on your browser. Firefox shows the More Bookmarks Toolbar as a folder you can choose for the regular bookmarking process.

  • alface couve

    This addon seems very nice. Can I ask you why is it marked as experimental by firefox?

  • John Sokolowski

    I donwloaed it but dont see how to add or anything need some help here

  • Dawn Williams

    I guess I need a “More Bookmarks Toolbar” instructions for dummies. I have tried 3 times to add it. It tells me I must restart Firefox, so I did but I end up with no new toolbar. I hate Yahoo for deleting my bookmarks. I use several of them everyday and now they’re GONE! It’s bad enough they change our email box format every few years but, now this. It’s just too much! I’m ready to walk!!!

  • Dawn Williams

    I got it to load. Now I’ll learn more about it so I can use it. It’s probably easy to use.

  • Bren

    I can drag and drop to the toolbar. But, how do I save the website to the toolbar? When I click on the Yellow Star/Green Plus Sign, I get a pop up box that says see the bookmarks in a folder. I want the websites saved to the toolbar. Please advise. It’s very frustrating! 🙂

  • Bren

    Update: If I right click the mouse on the toolbar, I can copy the website’s URL in the pop up box and the website appears on the toolbar. However, I’m not getting the favicon. A gray Internet world appears. How can I add a website to my toolbar by clicking on the yellow star/green plus sign? It still doesn’t work! This is my only problem. Otherwise, your toolbar is good.

  • Kenneth M. Compton

    Add-on no longer works on Firefox 56! Just shows a blank toolbar.

  • Sheryl S

    A folder on my More Bookmarks is wacky. It looks like the bookmarks in there are suddenly duplicate and at least one is missing. Anyone else? Still on Firefox 55.0.3.

  • Hi Sheryl,

    I don’t have any issues and while I know this is not super helpful 🙂 nothing changed with the add-in and it still should work in in 55.0.3, so it’s probably something with how the bookmarks are organized on your end. If you go into “Show All Bookmarks” (ctrl-shift-B) are they duplicated there too?

    Note that I will probably not be able to support this much further due to changes in Firefox’s upcoming version, so just wanted you to be aware before you spend too much time on it.

  • Sheryl S

    They are duplicate in Show All Bookmarks. My Firefox did something weird not too long ago where all the text had color blocks across it and my pinned tabs didn’t reload. It was right after a notice that many add-ons would no longer work. I had to restart it using my saved recovery files. I’d bet that’s when it happened.

    I’m sad to see this add-on go. It’s been great to have a handy second toolbar. Thank you.

  • Charles Metzroth

    56.0 broke this addon, can we fix?

  • jagman

    My MORE BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR is shown, and in my BOOKMARKS has a folder called MORE BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR, and it has bookmarks, but, the toolbar is empty, blank , only a “star” and a “+” and the rest of the line is empty.
    I too have v56 so am another user where MORE BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR is NOT WORKING.

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  • marcstober

    Unfortunately, due to major changes in Firefox I’m no longer able to support the More Bookmarks Toolbar. More info:

  • marcstober

    Unfortunately, due to major changes in Firefox I’m no longer able to support the More Bookmarks Toolbar. More info: