June 16, 2006

Brookline Parking: The Last Straw

Filed under: Greater Boston — marcstober @ 2:44 pm

Just when I was starting to miss being able to walk to Trader Joes, Brookline decided to remind me why I didn’t want to live there. Due to Beacon Street construction, they closed the 10 hour meters that were within walking distance to Hannah’s daycare. So, there is nowhere to park where I can drive Hannah in and Cheryl can pick her up. I called town hall, and all they could offer was that there are still some 10 hours meter in Washington Square. I might as well have called the David Spade “NO” character in the Capital One ads. (Not that I blame the people who answer the phones at town hall, but rather the not-very-democratically elected officials who didn’t get the memo that the Jetsons was fiction, and we can’t just fold up our cars into briefcases. Can you believe they actually put up a sign about “please patronize businesses during construction” as if it would compensate for the lack of parking?) Fortunately Hannah is starting at a new daycare in about a week.