July 17, 2006

Heating Help (and maybe something I can relate to)

Filed under: House Blog — marcstober @ 11:58 am

I’ve started a thread on HeatingHelp.com to get advice on what to do with our old oil-fired steam heat system.

Being a software developer I feel like in some ways I can relate to these guys; in plumbing as in coding there are a lot of little internal technical details that make a system run well and maintainable that the end user never looks at. The debates between oil and gas or steam/water/air are also something I can relate to. I’d say it goes something like this:

Warm Air Windows No one says it’s perfect, but it’s the best overall choice most of the time, and most customer-friendly experience.
Hot Water Linux Great technically, but not as slick and not supported by a big national brand, you need to find a local guy who knows what he’s doing.
Steam Unix Industrial-strength, but you are much more dependent on paying good people/vendors to keep the thing running.

I could make the comparison with Macs but I think central heating is more like running a server.