July 30, 2006

Saturday, Sunday

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On Saturday they had a Tot Shabbat service at the synagogue which was very nice, but even nicer was the happy accident which happened after–what I think Christians would call “fellowship”–where a number of the under-5 kids managed to wander back into the sanctuary, and started playing together there, and it gave the parents a chance to wander in and talk to each other as well. I do want kids to respect the sanctuary and the books there, but I think any lack of synagogue attendance is not caused by too much respect keeping people away 🙂 so I’d rather that first of all they’re comfortable and happy there.

On Sunday I volunteered at Sunday’s Bread, also organized by the temple as I have a few times before. Theoretically I could be serving food to the same people I ignore on the street since I work a few blocks away. This used to bother me a lot, but somehow I’ve more started to accept it’s just the way the world is. I think I like this volunteer job because it’s sort of like a little vacation–none of the stresses that loom so large in the rest of my life, like my house and work, bother me at all when I’m actually dealing with such a basic need as helping hungry people eat.