September 18, 2006

Gabrieli for Governor

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As a detail-oriented guy I find it annoying to show up to vote and find there’s a race for constable or clerk of this-and-that between two people I’ve never heard of. There ought to be somewhere on the web I can check on this in advance. Well—at least in Massachusetts—there is: go to

The primary for a candidate for governor has, of course, been well-publicized and in this race I’ve chosen to endorse Christopher Gabrieli. His early success was as an executive at a medical software company. Building software is about solving complicated problems on a daily basis, and solving problems in areas like energy, transportation, and economic development is the work of our government. Gabrieli is someone who already has experience with Massachusetts issues where both the private and public sectors have turned to him for leadership.

I also support his ideas for implementing a tax cut. I disagree with Deval Patrick’s position against an already voter-approved tax cut because it misses a bigger point: we want better government services and tax cuts, too. A governor in office might not accomplish both; but I think in the November election most voters will want a candidate who’s willing to try.

For Lieutenant Governor I am inclined to support Andrea Silbert, largely for distinguishing herself as a champion of working families (i.e., women), and in general for her giving importance to economic growth as well as social issues which is the sort of stance I expect when I register as a Democrat. I can’t expect Deb Goldberg to understand these issues having made her fortunes in a family business; besides which, though not necessarily any fault of hers, based my recent experience as a Brookline resident her elected experience has been with a particularly dysfunctional local government. I am somewhat inclined to support Timothy Murray because I do think central and western-Massachusetts voter should be better represented high offices but find Silbert’s positions slightly more compelling