January 18, 2007

Design, and the lack thereof

Filed under: Software Blog — marcstober @ 10:09 am

A post on Coding Horror, “There Are No Design Leaders in the PC World,” got me thinking.

The most aesthetically pleasing piece of computer technology I know is Craigslist. Form follows function. The basics of computer display are melded into something much more elegant than glossy graphics.

If only Microsoft had such restraint. I just discovered that the replacement for the NT “kill” command is “taskkill” in XP. It is so much less satisfying to “taskkill” a process than to “kill” it. 🙂 And the double “k” – ugh.

On the other hand, most building aren’t works of great architecture; and most cars, product packages, advertisements, consumer products, etc. are designed to sell, not to go into a museum. So it’s a broader social phenomenon.

One thing I’d wonder if if this plays out an different in Europe than North America.

Anyhow, back to the regular business of being a misunderstood artiste/developer…:)