October 12, 2009

Good Old-Fashioned Blogging with Press This

Filed under: Blogging, Elsewhere — marcstober @ 9:41 pm

The original meaning of “web logging” was to post links–perhaps with comments–to pages you visited. Today, bloggers like Douglas Bowman (designer for Google and Twitter) have come up with elegant solutions mixing original content with links. I’ve tried sharing interesting things found elsewhere via Reddit, Facebook, and other Google services, but I really wanted to collect them here on my own blog, and with WordPress and Press This, now I can! It provides a “share on WordPress” type of button. I even created this post via Press This! (Ok, I actually just created this whole post to see how it works.)

Blogging is about more than sharing your ideas. It’s about sharing your discoveries: quotes, images, videos, announcements from awesome blogs like this one. And it’s about doing it quickly.

Collect and share bits of the web easier and faster than ever with Press This, the new WordPress bookmarklet.

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