May 10, 2015

Boston Public Library Inscription about Education and Liberty

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Did I mention I like libraries? And architecture? So of course I love the historic Boston Public Library building in in Copley Square. I was there yesterday, and remembered that I few years ago I took a picture of the inscription on the building, facing Boylston Street, that pretty much sums up my viewpoint on politics and life in general:

The Commonwealth Requires the Education of the People as the Safeguard of Order and Liberty

(Because, you know, Massachusetts is technically a “commonwealth.”)

Actually there’s more to the story: I took the pictures on my way to the 2013 Massachusetts Pirate Party convention, which, despite the silly name is raising some important issues along the same lines. I’m still registered as Democrat though so I can cast a meaningful vote in primaries, like maybe for Bernie Sanders.

So I played around with the pictures in Pixelmator today, made the meme-friendly version above, and new masthead background for my blog (further above), and I’m sharing them on flickr. Under a CC free-culture license, appropriately.