More Bookmarks Toolbar

Updated October 9, 2017 9:51 pm

THIS ADD-ON IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FIREFOX 56 OR LATER. Due to changes in Firefox, unfortunately I’d need to do a completely rewrite of the Toolbar and it wouldn’t even be able to work the way it did before, and I’ve changed my focus professionally so no longer have time to work on this. THANK YOU for your support and use of this tool over the years, I’m sorry to say goodbye! For more details see:

This is the homepage for the More Bookmarks Toolbar.

Add a second bookmarks toolbar to Firefox, with a separate set of bookmarks.

For example, use it at work for a separate set of bookmarks that only work on the corporate intranet. You can still use the regular bookmarks toolbar for personal sites, and hide and show either or both. (And with Firefox Sync, keep them consistent across my home and work computers.)

Download from

The source code is on Github.