Parshio Is Ready for Purim

Just in time for Purim, I’ve added the megillot—including “the Megillah,” Megillat Esther—to Parshio, my alternative tikkun-like web app. Take a look at

Also, the text has been updated with the latest updates from the Miqra according to the Masorah project, the same source text used on Sefaria and other significant sites.

I created Parshio using ideas from my master’s thesis and continued initial work with a Hebrew College Innovation grant. For example, to reduce cognitive load, it only displays your selected range of verses to work on. A given range of verses can be easily bookmarked or shared. The text appears in a verse-by-verse format as a way to help you learn the structure of the text (although an option to view a traditional form is on the wishlist).

There is also a built-in reference to Professor Joshua Jacobson’s version of trope. (This was actually something I created to study for comps when finishing cantorial school!) Of note is that there are symbols to clearly indicate the level and length of pauses for disjunctive trope marks.

It’s free and works just as well on your phone as on your computer.

Parshio has been very much a side project and I hope to make improvements to it over time. If you find it useful in any way or have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

Happy Adar!

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